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Need help gathering, organizing, making sense of stacks of information coming from banks, lenders, partnerships, corporations, others? Here are bookkeeping firms for expats that can help you. There are dozens of “tricks” to doing this quickly and efficiently. If you feel overwhelmed and somewhat out of your league, speak with one of the firms listed below. As always, shop around.

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1954 Old Chapel Road, Boyce, VA 22620, United States
Income tax preparation and personal financial management are to top areas of practice. Most clients are individuals desiring personalized service. Many want me to help them stay organized and file all tax returns and related forms.
4312 J Evergreen Lane 22003, United States
Experienced CPA and return preparer for individuals, corporations and other entities. Income tax, estate and gift tax and related matters. Federal and state tax returns. Returns for exempt organizations, private foundations and the like.
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180 N Michigan Ave Suite 625 Chicago, IL 60601, United States
We are licensed to prepare tax returns and represent clients before the IRS in all 50 states and beyond. With years of experience helping international taxpayers, we can help you to be tax compliant for filing tax returns and for FBAR and FACTA.
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